cPanel Tutorial Video Set

cPanel Video Tutorial Set
Learn How To Run Your Own Web Server Without Having To Be A Propellor-Head

Server Admin for the Technically Challenged.


From : The Desk of Leonard Payne

Dear Friend,

Do you have your own web site or server and are totally frustrated trying to run the thing?

cPanel Magic
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In this incredible series of videos you're going to see exactly what you need to do to "drive" your server and not let it "drive" you!. Concentrate for a change on your sales and marketing and NOT on the technical side.

What's Inside The cPanel Magic Video Series

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Whats inside the cPanel Magic Video Tutorials set

cPanel Video Tutorial Topics Covered

Topics Covered in the cPanel Video Tutorials:

Create an email account, Create an FTP account, Set default email address, adding an autoresponder, adding html forwarders, configuring anonymouse FTP, Adding Apache Handelers, Setting Cron Jobs, Using the file manager, Setting Redirects, Configuring Sub-domains, Password protecting directories, Creating MYSQL databases, installing Agora, Installing WordPress.

No More Guesswork !

Here's a sample of one of the functions that usually keeps a lot of people guessing. Note: This is a rough FLV presentation. Your delivered videos are far better quality.

(Step by step audio instructions have been replaced)

These Training Videos will Fast Forward anyone who has never used cPanel before all the way up to people such as myself who use it every day.

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Leonard Payne




A complete set of video tutorials for cpanel administration