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As you know, for all businesses, finding potential buyers is the determining factor as to whether or not that business will survive. Businesses need potential buyers and qualified leads, that are looking for a certain product or service to fulfill their needs.

But how do they find them? Marketing and Advertising of course!

However, many businesses simply do not have the time or resources to figure out how to market their products, yet alone run their own business.

To survive in any economy, a business will put a lot of it's investments into marketing, because they need buyers; and many would prefer to hire someone to do their marketing. There are many lead generation services out there that are bogus, and thrive off cheating businesses that don't know any better.

A few of the big problems that businesses face, is sifting through legitimate lead generation companies.

Let me give you some quick facts...

Fact#1: According to statistics, over 50% of leads generally never convert, and most businesses spend too much of their time trying to convert those leads.

Fact#2: A lot of lead generation services will give out huge volumes of leads with questionable or low quality.

  ...and this is where you come in!

Think about it....Your ultimate goal is to help your client succeed, at least that should be your reason to get into this business, besides money. You provide high quality leads at a lower volume, because quality is more important than quantity.

But wait a minute, I have the drive, I know a little bit about this market, and I want to help these businesses...but I don't know where to start?

What's the solution?


Lead Generation Niche Power

6 Part Lead Generation Video Course

Lead Generation Niche Power

This 6 part video series was created for you, to act as a lead generation service to help businesses.


Your goal is to provide businesses with high quality leads, without the huge volume. So instead of providing 10,000 leads of questionable quality, you can provide 10 leads, that really want a product or service, similar to the ones being offered by your client.

We've all seen it before, companies selling 10,000 leads and only 3 or 4 convert. So if companies are paying $1000 for these leads, it would be a no brainier for your lead generation service, to approach them and sell leads that have a higher conversion rate, for a cheaper price.

Not only that, it will cost you anywhere from next to nothing, to a few cents, to get these high targeted leads, by following the simple steps we show you in this video series.

You see, where I'm going here? Think about it....if companies see that the leads you are sending are indeed converting, you will get more business, let alone continuous business.

Here's a list of this 6 part video series in more detail

How the lead generation system works

Video #1: Introduction and How this system works (concepts)

By now, you already understand the power of running a lead generation business. However, before you begin to implement the system, you have to know how it works, the basic concepts you must understand before getting started, and what tools you need. Once you understand these basic concepts, then you can move on to the action steps.

It's important to have fresh leads
Video #2: Finding businesses that will pay top dollar for your leads (removing the middleman)

It's important to have fresh leads, and you can only start doing that, once you know exactly what businesses you want to start targeting. Now it would be smart if you targeted a very specific niche.

Now you're probably thinking that this is going to be a ton of work, finding leads for a specific business. But actually, this video series will show you several strategies, that will show you how to reach many businesses, that will all pay you top dollar for your leads, and how you charge your own prices.

how to set the system up
Video #3: Understanding how to set the system up (action)

Once you've watched video one and two, found the businesses you will sell leads to, and understand how the system can begin to put the pieces together. do you put the system together?

Well, now we can take some action, which we'll do in this specific video. You'll learn how easy it is to setup your system so you can start acquiring targeted leads to sell.

How to get Local Leads
Video #4: How to get Local Leads: Google Adwords Region Targeting feature

Now that video 1, 2, and 3 are out of the way, it's time to start acquiring leads. Video 4 teaches you how to find local leads. While you can find market specific leads, it's better to use this strategy for local leads, which do in fact sell at a higher rate.

This will take setting up your Google Adwords campaigns, but you'll see how easy this feature is to get targeted local leads. Even if the business is not in your local area, you still can sell the leads.

How to get Local Leads from craigs list
Video #5: How to get Local Leads: Craigslist

Craigslist is another great avenue to generate local leads, as well as general market specific leads, because a lot of people locally will search their Craigslist city, for items they want to "purchase".

Notice I said the word purchase? This means, these are generally high quality qualified leads. However in this video tutorial, we will focus on local leads by using Craigslist.

How to get Market Specific Leads
Video #6: How to get Market Specific Leads: Ebay Classifieds (online and offline businesses)

In video 4 and 5, you learned how to acquire local leads to sell to offline businesses. Great!

Now it's time to acquire market specific leads. Our goal here is to generate leads that online businesses can use. Even an offline business, that has an online presence could use these.

Now this does not mean you have to use video 6. You could create your lead generation business specifically around Local leads and target only offline leads. That is merely up t. Ebay leads are great too, because people go their because they want to "buy" something, or have a good idea of what they want to buy. Notice I said the word buy? Again, this means these are generally high quality, qualified leads.

So, with that said, start YOUR Lead Generation Business grabbing a copy of this amazing 6 part video series!

We'll show you how to make even MORE money, by helping your clients (both offline and online businesses), survive and beat their competition.

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